MBTChain Weekly Report (May 1st – May 7th)

Business & Cooperation

  1. MBTWallet Spring version update

Data for this week: Weekly Active User: 171.3 thousand, Daily Active User: 88 thousand, Hashpower: 358.292 million.

V1.6 development and test

*Build a new Ethereum node in Silicon Valley, syncing up with block;

*Complete the development and test on withdrawal, fund password, withdrawal address;

*Complete the development of outside port functions such as deposit, withdrawal, address generation etc. We will start syncing with V1.6 in next week.


Withdrawal rules and requirements

*First and second KYC verification passed;

*Fund password set;

*Withdrawal address set;

*Gas for withdrawal: 1000 MBTC

*The minimum withdrawal amount: 500MBTC;

*Active users in recent three days can enjoy withdraw service first.


  1. Community Partners Project


Community is the user base for an ecosystem, a better community means a better channel for more people to know and participate in MBTChain. As MBTChain project is steadily progressing, we are going to prioritize building a better community.


Therefore, MBTChain will launch MBTC Community Partners Project soon.


We will release a draft of Rules on Community Partners first, if you are interested, you are welcome to participate. We believe, a health community is one with more and more users coming, this is also fundamental for the future of our project.


  1. INBlockchain meetup


MBTChain team has participated INB Capital’s Portfolio Monthly Meetup and discussed how a community should be operated.

MBTChain also explored the opportunity of a partnership with other projects. We will release relevant details when we have concrete progresses.



Last week, the trading volumes of MBTC reached 4.29 billion and 610 million daily trade. Among all the trading, the trading volume of MBTC/BTC, MBTC/ETH and MBTC/USDT on OKEx reached 280, 97.2 and 220 million respectively.


Technical Development

  1. Wallet

V1.5.3 optimized version launched, with better rules on hashpower, fixed compatibility issues with certain Android phones, and optimize port interface.


V2.0 progress

*Evaluating development cycles;

*Evaluating UI design


  1. MBTChain Blockchain

Technical whitepaper is under review, and is estimated to be released in mid-May.


  1. Server test optimization




Community data update:

Telegram: members (27359)

Weibo: subscribers (1421)

Wechat assistant: friends (2518)

Twitter: subscribers (6332)


MBTChain official channels:

Homepage: http://www.mbite.io

Twitter: @MBTChain https://twitter.com/MBTChain

Weibo: @MBTChain https://weibo.com/MBTchain


Wechat Assistant account: MBTChain or MBTWallet

Wechat official account: MBTC



We are still recruiting HR, blockchain developers and smart contract developers. If you are interested in InsurChain and capable of doing the aforementioned tasks, you can contact our Wechat Assistant to learn more as well as inquiring about the recruitment or send your resume to ljd@insurchain.org.