Data market and block chain technology

Huge market space in data market
All businesses will become data businesses in the future. With the further improvement of the internet of life and the popularization of 5G network, all the behaviors of individuals and enterprises will be digitized. The collection, storage, processing and trading of data will become one of the largest industries in the future.
Many problems faced by the data industry
There are numerous cases of fraud and fraud in various industries and the asymmetry of big credit data among merchants. However, the magnates only care about their own territories and tightly hold the data and refuse to share it with other enterprises, resulting in a great waste of resources.
Correspondence between data and block chain technology
The distributed storage of the block chain and the features of non-tampering and non-forgery of the data naturally coincide with the intelligent contract of the block chain and the confidentiality contract of the data. The block chain technology will inevitably become the core of the underlying technology in the next development stage of the data industry.

What is MBT Chain?

MBT Chain is a global decentralized data blockchain eco-network initiated by Singapore's My Best Foundation (non-profit). Our position is to provide commercial-level block chain infrastructure services for the big data industry. On the one hand, build the basic public chain of enterprise-level block chain, on the other hand, build a high-scalability application service support system on it. Among them, the bottom line is our public blockchain MBT Chain which focuses on the data industry. Map the real world of behavioral data to the block chain. Through cross - platform, cross - enterprise, cross-industry and cross-border cooperation, a brand-new business model will be created to provide decentralized data credit services for collaborative participants.

MBT Chain Construction Data CBD Ecology

Application of MBT Chain

Data collection

Data storage

Data processing

Data transaction

MBT Chain's Product Ecology

Encourage developers of global blockchain enthusiasts and big data industry to invest in the ecological construction of MBT Chain, and develop more excellent applications and scenarios based on MBT Chain;
Community participants will receive the corresponding MBTC award from the My Best Foundation.。
All users can submit their own behavior data in MBT Chain's industry DAPP;
Third-party companies can provide users with valuable data services at MBT Chain;
Developers can publish industrial DAPPs and distribute Tokens at MBT Chain and use our blockchain-based underlying technology services.



MBT Chain Roadmap

  • Carry out pre-project investigation, conceptual design, commercial resource development and necessary early verification

    Time Schedule: 2018 Q1.

  • The first edition of MBT Chain White Paper releases tokens based on the Ethereum ERC-20 protocol

    Time Schedule: Q2 of May, 2018; Application & Business Launch: DAPP US-based chain data collection on the line, and exceeded 250,000 registered users.

  • Complete the construction and testing of MBT Chain's underlying blockchain

    Time Schedule: 2018 Q3; Application & Business Landing: Completion of the On-Line Operation of Blocked-Chain Media in Two Industry Applications

  • Completed construction and testing of the MBT Chain service layer

    Time Schedule: Q18 in Q18; Application & Business Landing: On-line operation of community tools for on-line operation of blockchain's exchange.

  • MBT Chain officially launched

    Time Schedule: 2019 Q1; Application & Business Landing: Launching blockchain+industry DAPP not less than 5 applications in all industries.

  • The corresponding wallet and browser of MBT Chain are online

    Time Schedule:2019 Q2; Application & Business Landing: Achieved more than 100+ applications.

  • MBT Chain 2.0 officially released

    Time schedule: 2019 Q3; Application & Business Landing: Full launch of blockchain + industry scale.

MBT Chain's Product Progress

The development of MBT Chain main chain technology


DAPP application online

DAPP application online


MBT Chain wallet development

MBT Chain wallet development



Multiple DAPP apps coming soon


Multiple DAPP apps coming soon

MBT Chain Features

Do not store data

In the process of data trading, all data is transmitted through point-to-point networks, and the public trust and treasure's decentralized data trading platform cannot contact user data. Director Manager at DreamShops
Director Manager at DreamShops

    Protect personal privacy

    In the process of data transaction, all data are asymmetrically encrypted and transmitted through point-to-point networks. Even if the data body is intercepted by hackers, it cannot be decrypted to obtain plaintext due to lack of secret keys.

      Data copyright protection

      All data sold through the us - bit decentralized data trading platform will be tagged with corresponding copyright labels. Even if it is sold by the data buyer for the second time, its income will also be owned by the copyright owner.

        Authoritative data source access

        The docking is all first-hand authoritative data sources. the credibility of these data sources ensures the authenticity and freshness of the data.

          Curbing data fraud

          MBT Chain uses DPoS and PoCS to implement a consensus mechanism for block chain accounting and data exchange to ensure that each time the data is uplinked and exchanged.

            MBT Chain's team

            Hu Weizhang

            Responsible for overall project planning

            Innovative entrepreneur, founder of many internet companies, 15 years of brand strategy research and channel operation, has served many enterprises such as Di Lai, Kang Mei Pharmaceutical, Bo Bao Long,Quantum Gao ke and successfully listed. Be good at top-level business model design and community operation.

            Zhang Yaozhong

            Responsible for the full use of the project

            Founder of a well-known community; Dean of block chain ( international ) business school; Famous domestic internet marketing mentor; Special tutor of the electronic commerce center of the Ministry of commerce of the people's Republic of China;Used to be an executive of several listed companies such as Baidu, and now serves as an internet consultant for several enterprises.

            Liu Dongjian

            Responsible for overall project software architecture

            Tsinghua University bachelor's degree, senior software architect, block chain technology expert, with nearly 20 years of experience in the internet industry, has served in many large IT enterprises in China and has rich experience in the fields of big data, distributed storage and encryption algorithms.

            Gao Zhihao

            Responsible for product requirements design

            Sun Yat-sen university's master of computer science, a contributing writer for several domestic block chain media, has over 16 years of software development experience and has served Microsoft, IBM, Huawei, telecom, Zhaoxing and other enterprises.

            MBT Chain Ecological DAPP Application

            MBT (MBTC)
            Animation Chain (DMC)
            Low-carbon economy (LCEC)
            Tourism Ecological Chain (VIPC)


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